Celebrating one year of "Pastors of Payne", Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry recap a year of shows and talk about the Ascension of Jesus and what it means for us today.


The Summer is no time to vacation from your faith! Fr. Kerry and Fr. O'Brien recap the Payne County flooding, Fr. Kerry's pilgrimage to Belgium, and Fr. O'Brien lays out an exciting summer at St. Francis Xavier. 


A common question we get is "How are we saved?" By faith? By works? By both? Join the Pastors of Payne as they go in depth and offer resources on the faith and works debate between Catholics and Protestants. 


What is there to do in the summer? With Fr. Kerry off to Belgium for a pilgrimage, the Pastors of Payne discuss the difference between a vacation and pilgrimage and offer suggestions of some local pilgrimage options to help you grow in your faith.

It's First Communion time and Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry are fired up! In this episode they discuss their own first Holy Communions and the great gift of the Eucharist. They also dive into the private prayers of the priest during the Mass. Tune in and pass it on to friends!

To celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, Father O'Brien and Father Kerry walk you through the Divine Mercy devotion and how it can help you and our world. From St. Faustina, to Rudolph Hess, to St. John Paul II, Divine Mercy is a beautiful way of life. Tune in!"


Fr. Brian O’Brien and Fr. Kerry Wakulich welcome you to the Easter season! Listen this week as our priests talk about why the resurrection matters in our daily lives, the origin of the Easter egg, and a little about their experiences with Notre Dame Cathedral 

Father O’Brien and Father Kerry walk you day by day through Holy Week inviting you to walk with Christ and the Church through these important days. 

One of the great blessings of parish life is couples who come to the Church for the Sacrament of Marriage. Fr. Kerry and Fr. O'Brien talk about how they prepare couples for marriage, the dangers of cohabitation before marriage, and the joys of this great Sacrament of Service.


Father O'Brien and Father Kerry had very different Spring Breaks. One went on a spiritual retreat and the other a mission trip to Peru. Hear about their experiences with both and how prayer is vital to the mission of the Church in Payne County. 


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