2020 is upon us and The Pastors of Payne are helping you get off your butt and back into good spiritual habits for the year ahead. Fr. Kerry highlights the many events of "Welcome Week" to get the students of St. John Catholic Student Center off to a great start. Listen it and pass it on to anyone you know in Payne County!

With Father Kerry out of town, Fr. O'Brien teams up with St. Francis Xavier Associate Pastor Fr. Robert Duck to talk about the meaning of Christmas in our everyday lives. It is the Incarnation that centers our understanding of the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. Enjoy!

As the Church celebrates the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the Pastors of Payne talk about St. Joseph and his many important titles. He is a great example and a great intercessor! So much, our priests named their new home, the St. Joseph Priest Residence. St. Joseph, pray for us!

The Incarnation is a central event in our history. When Jesus was born, we saw the face of God. So what does God look like? Father O'Brien and Father Kerry tackle a question that many have pondered.

When the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to St. Juan Diego in December of 1531, the history of Mexico and all of North America was changed forever. Father O'Brien and Father Kerry tell the story and why it matters to us all these years later.

How's your Advent? Fr. Kerry and Fr. O'Brien want you to have the greatest Advent of your life! They walk through great Advent hymns and talk you through some of the great themes of Advent. Enjoy!

Is Christmas a pagan holiday? This time of year, popular culture will make various claims regarding the origins of Christmas. Father O'Brien and Father Kerry get to the heart of it and set the record straight. 

Whether as a podcast or on the radio, "Pastors of Payne" will not disappoint. Spread the word! 

For a variety of reasons, some Catholics don't come to Mass on a regularly basis. Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry try to address those reasons and invite non-practicing Catholics back to Mass! This episode is great to pass on to family and friends! 

It's become common to refer to a funeral as a "celebration of life." Catholic theology views the funeral differently. It is an opportunity to pray for the soul of the one who has died. In this week's episode, Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry flush out the Catholic Church's theology of prayers for the dead. Enjoy! 

To celebrate Vocations Awareness Week, Father Kerry and Father O'Brien tell the stories of their influences and major events on how they became priests. Tune in for fast paced and interesting stories of our Stillwater pastors.

"Pastors of Payne" is available on the radio statewide on the Oklahoma Catholic Broadcasting Network on Wednesdays at 3:30pm and on Pete 94.3 and AM 780 in Stillwater.


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