Summer is upon us! Covid is waning (at least in Oklahoma) and the Pastors of Payne want you to get out and about this summer and LIVE YOUR FAITH. Fr. Kerry and Fr. O'Brien talk about summer programs at their parishes and give some advice on where to go to grow in your faith.

A lay person is any member of the faithful who is not a priest or professed religious brother or sister. What role do lay people play in the Church? A BIG ONE! On this week's "Pastors of Payne", Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry talk through various Church documents on the role of the laity in the Catholic Church. 

Lumen Gentium (referenced in the podcast)

Sadness is a part of everyone's life. How should we mourn the losses that come our way? Fr. Kerry and Fr. O'Brien talk us through what to do when we're sad about some change in our life.

Beginning in December 2020, Jacob Farni began as Children's Minister at St. Francis Xavier. Originally from Elk City, OK, Jacob works with families to help them encounter Jesus Christ at home and at church.

This conversation revolves around ministry to children and how best to preach the Gospel to families.

Father Kerry interviews Kayla Cuba and Clay Furley about their time of engagement and how they fell in love. They also give young people advice on dating. They will be married this summer at St. Francis Xavier. 

Coming from a listeners question, Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry tackle the question, "Is the devil real?" Short answer: Yes. But listen for more information.

Who becomes Catholic? Lots of people right here in Payne County. Between our two parishes, 50 people this year. Father O'Brien and Father Kerry talk about some of the folks who are becoming Catholic this year in Stillwater.

Holy Week is special time of year for the whole Church. What's it like for priests? Let Fr. Kerry and Fr. O'Brien walk you through the week from Palm Sunday all the way to Easter Sunday with multiple stops in between.

Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry continue their ongoing series of podcasts on the 10 Commandments. This episode they focus on the 3rd Commandment and give practical tips for living the commandment with joy.

Fr. Kerry gives an update on the St. John Catholic Student Center Building Project and talks about the upcoming Lenten Parish Mission at St. John's.

More on the building project

The Fathers of Mercy

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