Arguments come and go about who is the greatest basketball player of all time. Jordan? LeBron? Kareem? Magic? Kobe? But what can we learn about our spiritual lives from the basketball career of Michael Jordan? This week's podcast and radio show will make you laugh and challenge you to be a better follower of Jesus Christ!

As we celebrate the Solemnity of Pentecost, Father O'Brien and Father Kerry discuss the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Over the centuries, various heresies have sprung up that distort true teaching on the Holy Spirit. Listen and find out more!

On Friday May 29, 2020, Fr. Kerry Wakulich celebrates 10 years of priesthood! Our priests look back at the ups and downs of priesthood in the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma and focus especially on Fr. Kerry's various assignments and his life as a Priest of Jesus Christ! 

As the parish gradually opens up from the two month Covid-19 lockdown, Fr. Kerry and Fr. O'Brien talk through what it will be like to publicly celebrate the Mass for the first time since March 19th. You can learn more about the specifics of Mass and Confession times on the parish websites:


It's Mothers Day and your Pastors of Payne love their moms! Both moms played a huge role in their sons' walk with the Lord and their priestly vocations. Join in the fun as our priests pay tribute their awesome mothers!

During the time of Covid-19, there's a lot of disappointment. RCIA candidates and catechumens, First Communion kids, Confirmation students, no public Easter vigil, having to stay home, not being able to come to Mass, not being able to see our loved ones and so much more bring about disappointment. As people of faith, what do we do with our disappointment? 

Listen in as Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry talk us through it all.



In the Easter season, it's common to see media accounts attempting to debunk the historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus. In this episode, Fr. Kerry and Fr. O'Brien are joined by Diocese of Tulsa seminarian Alessandro Calderoni and they discuss the best arguments to prove the resurrection.

The Holy Rosary

During this time of Covid-19, we've been praying the rosary each night at 7:00pm. Hundreds of people has joined us in this nightly ritual. The rosary is a beautiful way to meditate on the life of Jesus Christ and to ask for the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

In this episode of "Pastors of Payne", Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry talk about how to pray the rosary, the history of the rosary, and the role it's played in their lives.

Happy Easter! This week Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry give insights into what ministry in Payne County looks like in a time of quarantine and social distancing. It would seem that there would not be a lot to do but our priests and working hard to keep people connected and to help everyone to pray.

Recorded before the outbreak of Covid-19, Fr. Kerry and Fr. O'Brien introduce us to the holiest days of the year, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday leading into the Octave of Easter.

This year's Triduum will be celebrated privately and live streamed at both St. John Catholic Student Center and St. Francis Xavier. 

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