OSU FOCUS Missionary Clayton Caldwell joins Fr. Kerry again for a discussion on what to do post conversion to Jesus Christ. Thanks for listening!

Father Kerry Wakulich interviews FOCUS Missionary Clayton Caldwell on how we allow the good and bad into our lives through the senses. 


To learn more about Clayton, see his FOCUS profile- https://www.focus.org/missionaries/clayton-and-reagan-caldwell

Deacon Tom Cabeen is a convert to Catholicism from Jehovah's Witness. He is now a Deacon of the Diocese of Tulsa after being ordained for the Diocese of Hartford.

Link to Deacon Tom's last appearance on Pastors of Payne- https://pastorsofpayne.podbean.com/e/from-jehovahs-witness-to-catholic-to-catholic-deacon-father-obrien-interviews-deacon-tom-cabeen/

Link to Deacon Tom's appearance on "The Catholic Truth" Podcast- 


Link to Deacon Tom's appearance on EWTN's "The Journey Home"- 



There's a phenomenon in Catholic campus ministry: After Labor Day, some students disappear. What's going on? Father O'Brien and Father Kerry talk it through. Also, some Stillwater trivia!

What does the Old Testament have to do with Jesus? We call it Salvation History! Beginning with Adam and Eve and with an amazing history to follow, Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry discuss what Salvation History is and how it relates to you personally. Tune in! 

Why do Catholics give so much attention to the Blessed Virgin Mary? Because we always have! From the early days of the Church, Mary has been a big deal because she's the Mother of God (Theotokos). Listen as Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry talk through why Mary is such an important part of the life of the Church.

It's football season and in honor of the OSU home opener, the Pastors of Payne are talking about parallels between OSU football and the Catholic Church. You'll be amazed!

Inspired by a talk at last week's Diocese of Tulsa Faith Formation Conference, Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry are talking about how to best read the Bible. What do we do when different churches conflict on a particular passage? Is the Bible a history book?


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Father Kerry is joined by St. John Catholic Student Center RCIA Director Kimberly Williams to talk about the process of becoming Catholic and how EVERYONE can benefit from learning more about the Catholic Church. 

Welcome back Pokes! In this week's episode, Father Kerry and Father O'Brien talk about the start to the school year with a special focus on St. John Catholic Student Center and their three (YES 3!) locations for the school year ahead. Check out CatholicPokes.com for all the latest and follow them on social media too.

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