In this week’s episode, Fr. O’Brien and Fr. Kerry talk about Catholic Apologetics and the importance of why Catholics baptize infants, why everyone should, and the Catholic understanding of Original Sin.

Acts 16:15 -
Acts 18:8 - 
1 Corinthians 1 - 

Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 1213 (CCC 1213) - 
CCC 1251 – 1252 - 
Code of Canon Law (834 – 848) -

Catholic Answers -
“Catholicism and Fundamentalism” -

In this week’s episode, Fr. O’Brien and Fr. Kerry talk about what people say is “unattractive about Catholicism”:

  • The “rules”
  • Holy Days of Obligation
  • The preaching and the music
  • Lack of reverence, and many more


In this week’s episode, Fr. O’Brien and Fr. Kerry answer some important questions about co-habitation before marriage, the covenant bond of marriage, Divine Love, and being children of God.

“What is marriage?”
“What business do priests have talking about marriage?”
“Should couples live together before marriage?”
“Are the odds in your favor?”

Resource: “Marriage Preparation with Co-habiting Couples” by Bishop David Konderla

With 2022 underway, Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry talk us through their visions for the parishes of Stillwater in the new year. Both places have exciting initiatives underway all for the glory of God and the evangelization of Payne County and the OSU campus.

Seminarian Kyle Doud stops by for a visit as Father O'Brien and Father Kerry talk about a proper celebration of Epiphany (celebrated January 2, 2022)

Want a preview of our Christmas homilies? Or a review (if you're listening after Christmas)? Father Kerry and Father O'Brien give some insight into how their Christmas homilies came together and what they will preach about this year. Enjoy!

Christmas music is well known to all. But does it help you pray? It certainly can. On this week's episode, Fr. O'Brien interviews Brennan Lacy who begins in January as the new music director at St. John Catholic Student Center. 

With Christmas on a Saturday this year, we get to go to Mass twice! Once for Christmas and then again on Sunday the 26th. Why? Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry explain it all. And they share a few of their favorite Christmas hymns as we look ahead to the big day.

During Advent, St. Francis Xavier is hosting a program called "Meet Your Mother". On December 1st, Fr. O'Brien gave a talk called "What Do We Believe About Mary?" Your Pastors of Payne dive into the four Marian dogmas: Mary, the Mother of God, her perpetual virginity, the Immaculate Conception, and the Assumption. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us! 

Father Kerry hosts the St. John Catholic Student Center Development Staff, Matt Bond, Taylor Akins, and Lauren Lacy. They discuss how money plays an important role in the mission of the Church.


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