On Saturday September 12th, Fr. Kerry unveiled "Building Saints", a capital campaign to build a new St. John Catholic Student right in the spot where the current St. John's stands. This episode gives out listeners an inside look at the project. Learn more at www.BuildingSaints.com 


Atheism is on the rise in the United States. What is it and how are we to respond in love? The podcast coincides with Father O'Brien's upcoming talk at the teenager LifeNight this Sunday. Check it out!

Gossip is everywhere, but it shouldn't be. Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry spend this week's episode drawing out the various kinds of gossip and make clear how dangerous it can be for you and for others. 

Father O'Brien shares the dynamic plan for children and youth ministry in Payne County. Xavier Kids, EDGE, and LifeTeen will allow parents and their kids to grow in faith and become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Father Kerry is joined by FOCUS missionary Clayton Caldwell and they are talking about evangelizing the culture with specific references to St. Paul VI. Enjoy!

The four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) are widely known. But to whom were they written? On this week's episode Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry dive into the first four books of the New Testament and specifically discuss the audiences of each. It will help you better understand and read God's Word!

Jumping into a debate of the day, Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry speak to the Catholic Church's truly catholic/universal world view that includes images of Jesus and Mary as being from many countries around the world. 

With the school year right around the crowd, Fr. Kerry Wakulich tells us (with Fr. O'Brien's help!) about what students and parents can expect for life at St. John Catholic Student Center. From FOCUS missionaries, to Bible studies, to Sunday Mass, daily Mass, Adoration, and Confessions, we've got you covered

The three theological virtues of faith, hope, and love are known to many. In this time of pandemic, hope is something we can use more of. Join Father O'Brien and Father Kerry on a walk through the Catechism and other documents of the Church on the virtue of hope.

As we prepare the celebrate the Memorial of Oklahoma priest and martyr Stanley Rother, our Payne County pastors tell the story of his life and ministry and bring it all back to Stillwater to show that we can do what Blessed Stanley Rother did. We can be missionary disciples here, there, and everywhere. 

To learn more about Blessed Stanley Rother- https://archokc.org/stanleyrother

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